About Us

  • Alexandra Merrett

    Alexandra Merrett
    Dr Alexandra Merrett is an experienced lawyer specialising in competition and consumer law. Between 2006-2012, she was a senior enforcement lawyer for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission working in an advisory capacity and frequently involved in complex litigation...
  • Rhonda Smith

    Rhonda Smith
    Rhonda Smith is a Senior Lecturer in the Economics Department at the University of Melbourne. Her research and teaching activities relate mainly to competition policy and law. Rhonda is regularly engaged by private parties to provide economic input, particularly in relation to mergers and Part IV litigation...
  • Rachel Trindade

    Rachel Trindade
    Rachel Trindade is an Australian practitioner specialising in competition and consumer law who has advised on a wide range of business structures and transactions in the private and public sector. Prior to starting her own independent practice in 2002, she was a partner with a national law firm...