Rachel Trindade

Rachel Trindade is an Australian practitioner specialising in competition and consumer law who has advised on a wide range of business structures and transactions in the private and public sector.  Prior to starting her own independent practice in 2002, she was a partner with a national law firm, where she had worked since being admitted to practice in 1990. Rachel has handled competition, merger and access issues across industries that include energy, infrastructure, transport and logistics, manufacturing, distribution and retailing. She has designed compliance programmes and conducted workshops for corporations, governments and professional bodies, as well as teaching and publishing in the field.

Rachel is a member of the Law Council of Australia’s Competition and Consumer Law Committee and the Law Institute of Victoria.


  • “Gippsland Logistics Precinct” (Presentation at Gippsland Major Projects Summit, February 2010)
  • “Governance and regulatory models” (Presentation at Victorian Rail Freight Governance Forum, GAMUT: 
Australasian Centre for the Governance & Management of Urban Transport, September 2009)
  • “A logjam at the port” (Panel member – Hypothetical, ACCC Regulatory Conference, July 2009)
  • “Establishing the Gippsland Logistics Precinct” (Presentation – made together with John Hearsch and Jody O’Kane – at the Smart Conference, Sydney, June 2009)
  • “The role of courts and tribunals in providing guidance to regulators” (Presentation – made together with Paul Hughes and Justin Oliver – at ACCC Regulatory Conference, July 2008)
  • “How to protect your distribution network around the world – the Australian perspective” (Presentation at International Bar Association Conference, Singapore, October 2007)
  • (with Rhonda L Smith) “Modernising Australian merger analysis” (2007) 35 Australian Business Law Review 358
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  • (with Rhonda L Smith) (2007) “A review of the ACCC’s Media Mergers Guideline” (2007) 14 Competition and Consumer Journal 281
  • “Understanding merger analysis” (Presentation – made together with Rhonda Smith – at Law Council of Australia Trade Practices Workshop, July 2006 and Australian Business Law Workshop, November 2006)
  • “Predatory pricing in the Australian aviation sector” (Presentation – made together with Rhonda Smith – at the Asian Law and Economics Association Conference, Seoul, June 2005)
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  • “Resale price maintenance – some practical observations from Australia” (2008) 4 Competition Law International 15

Rachel Trindade

Email: rachel@thestateofcompetition.com.au
Phone: 0402 038 301